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Featured Author - Amy Doslich

Meet Amy Doslich, a talented children's book author and illustrator whose stories are inspired by her own daughters. Amy's journey into writing began with a simple idea sparked by her daughter Hannah's love for her pink bunny.

My daughter Hannah has had a pink bunny since she was about a year old, and it has been her favorite stuffed animal that she has carried with her EVERYWHERE.  I thought, how fun would it be for her to have a book that featured her favorite stuffed animal? 

This small spark of inspiration has quickly turned into a series featuring the adventures of her children, as they navigate through life and big events, such as the new addition of her daughter Mary. Through her books, Amy hopes to bring joy and entertainment to young readers, allowing them to see themselves in the characters and stories she creates.

To learn more about Amy Doslich and the Hannah Banana and Mary Berry series, visit her website at You can also follow her on Instagram at @amyd_mom_author.

You can purchase the Hannah Banana and Mary Berry series on Amazon here. Her books are available in soft and hard cover, as well as Kindle eBooks.

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